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I'm a new Big

1.  Something unusual is happening here!  Two people have been connected with an expectation they will want to spend time together.  Not the NORMAL way we meet people.   Your Little, and maybe even you might be a little nervous.

2. You are probably different from people your Little knows.  Your Little may not know how to react to take it slow.

3.  You should always be observant of your Littles reactions.  Modify your actions to lead to smiles, try to keep from making value judgements.  

4.  Don't rush yourself or your Little.  A friendship takes time!


1.  Be Positive.  Encourage appropriate behavior rather than criticize inappropriate behaviors.

2.  Ask Questions.  Let your Little share their thoughts. 

3.  Silence is Okay!  Give your Little time to think, sometimes it takes time to form your thoughts.

4.  Everything sends a message.   Non-verbals are important!  The tone of your voice, your facial expression, your body movements - they all send a message.   

5.  Think BEFORE you speak.  Make sure you say what you mean.   


There is always need for praise.  Praise often and from the heart!

Can't reach my little

1.  Call the office, 660.429.1991 right away so that we can make sure we help get you back in contact with each other.  DO NOT WAIT!



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